Window Graphics

Window Graphics

From simple branding to promotional displays, turn your shop and office windows into a free advertising space using custom designed window decals.



windeco window graphics

One of the simplest forms of visual advertising that can be created using self-adhesive vinyl.

This technique is used for projects where we need only one or a couple of colors. We can cut letters, signs and many other elements from the vinyl, creating a legible interesting advertisement.

Plotter vinyls are characterized by high resistance to weather conditions, maintaining a uniform, intense color. 

Self-adhesive vinyls are available in many colors. In addition, they guarantee color repeatability when reusing the same color in subsequent projects. This fact is important when building a coherent image of a company with many branches.

For more neutral and subtle look look we offer frosted window graphics.     



This method allows us to access unlimited possibilities. Thanks to integrated UV or solvent printing, we can create an advertisement with an expanded surface and multi-colored designs.

Self-adhesive vinyl prints can be applied onto the whole glass area or only a part of it according to project.

The vinyl is available in white and clear. In addition, the vinyl print can be secured with a laminate, which additionally protects the printout against fading and against mechanical damage.

windeco window graphics



windeco window graphics

Contra-Vision is a special type of window film used for application on all kinds of transparent surfaces. It is a perforated film, i.e. having evenly spaced holes.

The advantage of this film is that after application it does not completely block the flow of light from outside to the room.

It is mainly used in situations, where the entire surface of the window needs to be covered.

We can print any graphics onto the film, that are visible from the outside while maintaining visibility from the inside.

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