Specialist Films

Specialist Films

At Windeco we are always at the forefront of new technologies in the Window Film industry bringing to our customers the latest and most advanced solutions. 



Windeco Ghost is a Cloaking Technology – Linear Polarised Film, designed to block out the information displayed on TV and computer screens whilst still allowing people to see inside the office through the glazed partitions or windows but unable to read and off the sensitive data on the screens.

The privacy effect works with most large LED and LCD displays, computer monitors, laptops, and some tablets and smartphones, but not all. It won’t work on projections, plasma screens, or passive 3D screens as they emit a different kind of light.

We recommend an in-situ trial is always carried out prior to purchase to evaluate the film’s performance as it is the users responsibility to ensure that the film is fit for purpose. This film requires delicate handling and in particular careful trimming to get a neat edge.

Contact Windeco for more information about the product or to schedule a presentation at your office.



Aslan – High-Quality Glossy Whiteboard Film

This glossy white whiteboard film adheres perfectly to any smooth, rigid surface.

Create whiteboards in any size you want, easily installed and removed.

The scratch-resistant surface can be written on with whiteboard markers any number of times, without leaving shadows or ghosting. Writing is removed easily with a soft, dry cloth.

The self-adhesive film is perfect for use in restaurants, seminar rooms, meeting rooms, schools, nurseries, hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and more.

maintain better vision


The AntiFog film is another type of Specialist Films typically used where there is high humidity in a room often leading to condensation on window glazing.
The product is manufactured with a special Anti-condensation layer designed to spread the water across the surface of the glass to help maintain better vision through.
There are two types of AntiFog film available:
50 Micron and 100 Micron – and they both come in 1520mm width.

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