Glass Manifestations

Glass Manifestations

Glass Manifestation is a legal requirement for some areas of glazing. It is a fast, cost-effective way to compliance with building regulations, makes glass more apparent and improves safety.​



Glass Manifestation is a legal requirement for some areas of glazing. The responsibility lies with both the building owner and occupier to ensure that Glass Manifestation is present in areas that require it, and that the Manifestation itself is sufficient and compliant with current legislation.

According to Building Regulations 2010 Technical Guidance Document M – it is the legal responsibility of the building owner and the occupier to ensure that all glazing complies with the above regulations. Failing to meet Health and Safety regulations can result in severe penalties.

Glass Manifestation is a fast, cost effective route to compliance with glass manifestation regulations which can be installed with minimum disruption to a building’s occupants.

Glass Manifestation satisfies the requirement to make glass more apparent and improve safety. They can be in the form of circles, squares, stripes or even company logos. Decorative window film can also be used to meet glass manifestation regulations, and offer a more bespoke solution. 



Glass Manifestations can also be used to achieve privacy in the modern office interiors where glazing partition system are often used to build meeting rooms and offices.

Depending on the level of privacy required they can take different forms from fully frosted glass panels, solid bands to simple design patterns like bands, waves, bar-codes, etc.

At Windeco we offer to our customers a complete service that includes custom designs, manufacture process using latest technology print and cut equipment and only highest quality materials guaranteeing excellent end result. 

All our manifestations are carefully applied by fully trained, experienced and professional installers. 



Thanks to a combination of graphic design and digital print technology we can produce full colour manifestations that will not only provide safety and privacy but also enhance the look of any office or workplace.

There are three main products in this category:

  • ECO-Solvent Printed Manifestations on Frosted Film
  • ECO-Solvent Printed Manifestations on Clear Vinyl
  • UV Printed Manifestations on Optically-Clear Film
The only limitation to what can be achieved with our glass manifestations is your imagination!

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